Unquestionable Answers

A campaign encouraging young adults to Stop Searching ... Just Call!

Stop Searching; Just Call

The American Association of Poison Control Centers and the experts at America’s 55 poison centers are encouraging young adults, specifically those of college age, to call the Poison Help hotline instead of searching the Internet for answers to poisoning questions. 

Young adults ages 18 through 24 can find themselves in new and expected situations as they leave home for college, work or military service. Some of these situations involve potential poisonings, whether that means a venomous bite or sting, a drug of abuse, alcohol poisoning, or a medication mistake.

With the Internet at our fingertips, it is tempting to go online to search for answers to our medical and poisoning questions. Many people feel the anonymity of the Internet helps them avoid the fear and embarrassment of calling 911 or going to the ER. However, calling the Poison Help hotline at 1-800-222-1222 will connect you to experts at your local poison center who will answer any poison-related question, no matter how seemingly trivial. They provide the confidentiality of the Internet but with an immediate, expert answer.

The Unquestionable Answers e-poster social media campaign was developed to reach young adults throughout various social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and blogs. The e-posters feature questions (some are funny, some less so) that really should be answered by the doctors, nurses and pharmacists at poison centers. The goal of “Unquestionable Answers” is to encourage young adults to call their local poison center when they have a poisoning emergency or questions about potential poisonings. The theme is “Stop searching; just call.”

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